So, I’ve been very quiet here. For a very long time too. Not only did we have this pandemic come in and throw a wrench into things, other changes have also come about.

Our next big change is about to happen in the next few weeks.

We are moving to Portugal.

After almost 22 years of living on the Emerald Isle, it is time for a change of scenery. Change of air. Change of almost everything. We are really looking forward to it. Not to mention changing too-many-days of rain to over 300 days of sunshine and clear skies.

I wrote a very long explanation of the economics, which I then removed, as it felt like a long tirade of complaints. But really, Ireland has been good to us, very good. We have met some wonderful people. Made some fantastic memories. Had some really harsh times too, as friends and family passed. We will bring all of those experiences with us, as we make new ones.

Just happens, that it seems to be the right time now, to move to a warmer climate, and see some new sights! New experiences, new people. Since we are able to, why not?

Will we be back to Ireland? Living here, no idea?! Visiting, most definitely. We will still be working towards the Irish markets, and therefore there will be times when we need to visit for work reasons. As we can work remotely, it certainly means we can take some time and meet old friends and raise a few “scoops”.

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