Site migration

Yeah, I know, boring title. As was the work to do it. But, it is now done, or about as done as I want it to be right now. Got everything migrated away from the old hardware I as using at home, to shiny SSD backed systems sitting in DigitalOcean. I know, some will tell me that is lazy. It might be! I don’t really mind, as it was quite straight forward and won’t cost me a fortune to run and maintain.

What does it all mean then? Well, I can now easily upgrade servers, add more hardware or whatever, as I need. Firewall configuration is easy, I can add backup or redundant systems as I need through the use of loadbalancers and so on. In short, I get all the flexibility of AWS that I need, but with a much smaller price tag.

What do I run myself then? Well, mail server, shared storage, database services and web services. All the bits a website requires. And I managed it with some code chucked into a configuration management system called Ansible. So, in case something blows up terribly, I can rebuild it all easily again, and yes, I have backups of what isn’t managed in Ansible.

And don’t scoff at my free SSL certificates. This site isn’t a business site, and I don’t even have to think of renewal time, since that is also automated and managed, for me.

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