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New thinking / Old thinking

Studying Martial Arts has led me to start looking at a lot of other things as well. There’s a whole batch of things I’m revisiting, new things I’m finding (which aren’t that new really, but rather a few thousand years old), and new ways to look at things. A heck of a lot of things to be honest.

As time permits I try to learn some Japanese. Why? Well, there’s quite a lot of details that dissapear when something is translated to another language. Lots of the interesting things I’m uncovering has their basis in either Japanese culture or Chinese culture. However, learning Chinese is quite a daunting task if you consider the various dialects and major difference between them.

I also study Sun Tzu and the Art of War. Rather, to be more precise, Sun Wu. If you didn’t realise what I just said, I’d suggest that you should really study it. There is a nice 3 volume set which contains 12 books. Translated works of Thomas Cleary : On Strategy and Counsel. It is probably the most amazing set of books I have read, especially considering the original authors have been dead for between one and two thousand years. At least, that’s the assigned time line. Massive amounts of these teachings span even further back in time. Then, once those volumes are completed, I’d recommend reading them again, to better understand it all. Basis for the Art of War is not only how to manage troops and outsmart your opponent, but how you can lead your own life, the life of others and even whole communities, cities or indeed even countries. Much of those teachings are interlinked with the I Ching and the Tao Te Ching.

On a completely different front, which isn’t that different, I’ve also taken up a course in Hypnotherapy. Which is a really powerful way to help people to reach their goals. Extremely useful for those who needs help feeling motivated, have fears or anxieties, want help to lose weight or just about any such thing. No, it’s not a replacement thing for your ordinary doctor. Doctors are great at stitching people together when then have hurt themselves. However, despite lots of studies and research, we humans still do not know a heck of a lot about how our brains work. You know, this little part of the body which also keeps our mental state, our memories, feelings and so on. This is still very much a “magical mystery” to the Western medicine and therefore not very commonly used or trusted, by those doctors anyway. However, “alternative medicine” which also includes Hypnotherapy includes quite a broad range of ways to treat people. Some good, some not so good. I’m now going of on a complete tangent here though. What I wanted to really say though was, by starting to study Martial Arts (note: not Martial Sports) I am learning lots about myself along the way. And yes, the Hypnotherapy is actually linked quite nicely together into my Martial Arts training/studying too …

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