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Looking into my crystal ball

As I just got my Diploma in Hypnotherapy, all of a sudden I have new options available in my life. Always nice to have don’t you think? Because I am now a RC Hyp, Dip Hyp, MIHA, it seems I can now start using all sorts of new wonderful acronyms. If you know me, you also know I have been working in the IT industry for, well, just about my whole life. So acronyms I am used to, but these are just different somehow.

RC Hyp simply means “Registered Certified Hypnotist”. Dip Hyp one could call a variant as it means that I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy. MIHA then means “Member of Irish Hypnotherapy Association”, which is the association that has accredited the course I went to and which I will become a member of as soon as all the paperwork is processed.

What does all this have to do with my crystal ball? Well, for a start, nothing. I don’t have a crystal ball. Yet anyway. Might get one at some stage, but not for the use most people would think of when talking about such an item. It does have to do with my future though and looking forward to see what may lie in store for me.

It does mean that I can now start and open my own clinic and start getting in clients! Must say I’m actually quite thrilled with that prospect. Not so thrilled about what it’ll mean to my job safety. I’ll have to be chasing customers very actively which is something wholly new to me. Advertising? Myself? That’s a far fetched idea for me, but something which I’ll have to be doing. Not even sure where to start if I am totally honest, but likely I’ll have something out in the local papers in the future.

At this stage you are probably wondering “but what is Hypnotherapy then?” …

Well, in short, Hypnotherapy is a way for a therapist to “get to the point” with their clients. I’m certainly not a Psychiatrist, a Magician, or someone who drags people up on stage to make them go “cluck” (no matter how fun that might be in certain cases). No, it’s a way for me to help people overcome whatever problems they might have. It might be quitting smoking, trying to lose weight, get confidence to speak in front of an audience (or even in a meeting with colleagues), get over that ridiculous fear of dogs/spiders/cats/<insert your preferred hate object here> or even certain medical conditions (like skin disorders, allergies, IBS, etc.).

There is so much this type of therapy can help with it is hard to even create a simple list. Instead, think of it like this, it helps you break a habit, a negative way of thinking or problems with an underlying psychosomatic cause.

It is absolutely superb in helping clients to relax, focus their mind and achieve some truly astounding results. Especially in cases where the underlying problem is one that is preventing a client to fully lead their lives, it can be a truly transforming event when the problem has been removed.

Just take you’re average person. Someone who happens to think that everything bad always happens to them, that nothing ever works out for them and that the world essentially is out to get them. Quite a crap place to be in, no? How would their life change if all of that was put on its head and completed reversed that thinking? Everything is going their way. All the good things in life they want, they can get. The days outlook is always bright. What would you do if you would have such a life? How would things change for you if that happened to you? What if, you could change all those things that are standing in front of you, blocking your path to happiness?

That is what Hypnotherapy can do. That is what I see absolutely glowing in my (imaginary) crystal ball.

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