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Two sides to every coin

Everything has (at least) two sides to it. A coin, a piece of paper, a vehicle, all have a front and a back (and at least one side!). Life and death are opposites, yet still interconnected, becoming one. War wouldn’t exist without peace, nor would peace exist without war. Fear wouldn’t exist without calmness and security, nor would calmness or security exist without fear.

How one wishes to perceive these things are usually in their own separate incarnations. Which is completely and utterly wrong in my mind. One side feeds the other while it is diminishing in size. These “opposite” sides can take on a life of their own in a sense, growing, shrinking as they pulsate. Though, one cannot survive without the other. Neither can exist in a vacuum. Consider the symbol of Yin and Yang. Each side is utterly dependant on the other. Without one, the other also perishes. Such is life and such is death, because what would death be without life? A vacuum? No even less, as vacuum is something that can be defined and quantified.

A door has two sides to it as well, showing two completely opposite areas on either side, opening into different parts of different spaces. As it swings, that space changes, hinting at something different than where you are. One has to walk through that opening to see what the other side holds, at the same time leaving behind what is on (what is now) the other side. Passing from life to death is exactly the same thing. Passing from Yin to Yang is yet again the same. All symbolic of a complete transition from one state (of being) to another.

New experiences in ones life can be just as dramatically changing. Sometimes it just takes something small, perhaps just a little thought. Sometimes more extreme things are needed to understand that things have changed without you being aware (not that you didn’t see them, you didn’t look for them or understand them).

In the same fold, the theory of relativity also falls. Everything is relative. Even relativity. Consider something as absolute as time. Even time is relative. How it is perceived. “What time is it?”, “How long did that take?”, “Only five minutes!”, “Felt like two hours!” and so on. There is nothing that isn’t relative to something else. There is nothing that doesn’t have two sides to it.

Love & hate. Rage & serenity. Male & female. Horizontal & vertical. Forward & backwards. Omote & ura.

Everything has two sides, at least. Some have 8. Some have infinite. You just have to find them.

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