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Once in a while, I post something wondering if others are ready for a change. Well, seeing as it has been almost two years since my last post, and quite a depressing one at that, I figured it was time for myself to make some changes.

First off, I have indeed been through quite a few changes over all this time. And no, I’m not going to list them out, which should cheer you up actually! No, more thinking of changing the website around, actually. I am doing a lot of things, and I haven’t been able to write much about anything for quite some time.

It is time that changes. More for my own sake than anyone else.

What exactly will happen then? Not too sure, just yet, but I do have a long list of projects filling up my personal backlog, that I wish to get going, some I do want to show off and others, well, you might get to see them, you might not!

What I do know though is, over the next year, I expect to change things around drastically. I have already started working on some of these changes and am working really hard to make them come true. One of those changes includes pushing my Hypnotherapy clinic much harder. Another is another little venture I am working on behind the scenes, which I hope to be able to present things of over the next few months.

What I am noticing though is, I seem to be picking up things I used to do when I was much younger, and rediscovering them once again. And I must say, it feels great! One of those is an old Amiga I bought, an over 20 year old computer. Yeah, I know, I am a geek after all. But it was one of the machines that really shaped my current life the way it is today. So, it has some value to me. Another thing I am picking back up is something I didn’t have much chance to do, but always enjoyed when I was younger. Creating things.

But first on the list is the Hypnotherapy clinic. Re-energising my efforts in that realm quite heavily at the moment, going through old notes, chasing new ideas and diving head first into any material I can find. It is a subject that has many layers to it, which is what makes it so interesting.

Anyway, I am babbling on. Quite unstructured. It’ll improve. But most of all, writing things down helps me with my focus as well. It’ll get more focused. I’ll be writing again. Exactly about what, we will see. As things move forward, it’ll become clearer.


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