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Wow. I’ve spent a couple of days now investigating how I can use organic search for my clinics website along with potentially using AdWords to help generating traffic.

I pity the poor fool starting their own small business trying to get this around their heads, unless they have prior IT experience. Yes, it all makes sense, technically. However, if you’re a hair salon or something like that and want to get more clients through your website, you’re likely going to hire in someone to do the work for you. This is truly where it gets messy, possibly more expensive than you thought and in worst cases your site may get hijacked. Seeing as I have some IT knowledge I figured I’d see if I can’t get my clinics website to be more prominently shown, without using ads, if possible. Plus, it’d mean my wallet won’t be impacted either.

Sure, it’ll probably take me slightly longer, but that is also just fine. So, I’m devising a slightly different approach than what I have seen any other alternative medicine website using so far, without being annoying to users. Actually, it may make it even easier for people to find topics they are interested in. The exact workings of this is quite simple, so I will not even spell them out here. You’ll figure it out if you look closely enough …

Let’s see how this experiment pans out.

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