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What makes someone a hero? Going to a foreign land, gun in hand, fighting a cause determined by his superiors? What cause is worth fighting for? Who’s cause? Why should you  fight for someone else? What is so important you have to go to a foreign land?

Media is filled these days with news about “terrorists”. Someone trying to make a living is a terrorist? Someone fighting for food and their own survival is a terrorist? What truly makes a terrorist a terrorist? Because someone labels them as such or because of the actions they take? What makes a soldier different to a terrorist?

On this time of the year, I am always thinking of those less fortunate than myself. Those without a big ham on their table. Those without heating. Those without a roof over their heads or even shelter. Those are the people to fight for. The rights of those people as well as the rights of myself. My rights as a human being are worth no more than a home less person. Worth no less.

So, what really makes a hero? Is a hero someone that stands guard over the vast opium fields in Afghanistan, because some government told them to? Is a hero someone that hands out food to the homeless? Which do you think is the bigger hero of the two?

Is a hero someone that convinces this lonely, tired, desperate person not to take their own life this Christmas? Is it someone that helps an elderly person across the street? Is a hero someone that aims a weapon at a religious gathering and fires rockets across borders, killing indiscriminately?

Typing this out, it seems obvious who are the real heroes. Watching the news bites however, I do not see heroes. I see soldiers carrying out orders from people who do not care who dies, as long as their objectives are carried out.

Where is your battle field? Who and what are you fighting for?

Personally, I find that guarding an opium field is just wrong. Burn the thing down instead!

A 5 year old, fighting cancer is much more heroic. Pick your battles in life and pick them well, they are what defines you and what you stand for. Let’s make a better world. Help your neighbour dig their car from under the snow. Spend an hour handing out food in a shelter. This is Christmas! Opium fields have never helped anyone but those making money out of them. Look after your family instead and your much more the hero. Help someone get home to see their family.

Being a hero starts every day you wake up. Every time you can make someones day better, you’re a hero. Every time you can help someone pack their grocery bags, you’re a hero.

To me, a fire fighter is a hero. An ambulance driver. A nurse. Those are heroes.

People guarding opium fields are just guards. People fighting over the opium fields are just thieves and thugs. People firing rockets into weddings, over borders, into civilian population, these are not heroes.

The police and rescue services who tried saving lives at a disaster are heroes. If you’ve ever helped anyone to get to a hospital or get medical attention, you’re a hero.

In other words, looking after your fellow man makes you a hero. Standing up for what is right makes you a hero. Disobeying an order to fire at innocents while you are wearing a uniform makes you a hero.

Be a hero this Christmas. It is not that hard. You just have to do something with love towards someone you love, or someone you have just met. You don’t even need to know their name. You just have to show compassion, and isn’t that what Christmas really is about?

Christmas isn’t really about getting lots of presents. It’s about becoming a hero to someone. Someone who needs you.

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