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Been a while since last I posted! To be honest, I don’t have a specific topic in mind. More that I just wanted to say that I’m feeling great today! Had a fantastic training session last night and now enjoy the usual soreness, which is all good. Being on the mats just makes me feel alive, happy and full of energy.

I have been up to my eye balls with things to do, and something that I really wanted to get through just hasn’t had the opportunity to be raised above the “must do’s” in the last couple of weeks. I’m really looking forward to finally have a few moments (in between everything else) where I can focus on those. I have lots of things I want to do for my clinic that I am trying to plan out and get organised. More training opportunities coming up, lots of things happening at the day job and in general just keeping really busy. Hopefully I can get a couple of hours to spend with my girlfriend too, one of these days!

But, as the headline says, it’s Friday! So today I am throwing out my task list (once I get out of work anyway) and we’ll be going to a good friends 40th birthday this evening. Really looking forward to it, as I’ve been way too busy to keep up with friends for some time now and there will be a number of great people there tonight. Really looking forward to seeing them all again. A lot of them live around the corner from us, so I’ve been feeling bad about not having had a chance to see them for so long. Seriously, they are within walking distance. So, tonight I’ll have a chance to make amends and have a blast.

Task list, screw you. I’m having fun tonight, no matter what you think I should do.

Gavin, Happy Birthday buddy!

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