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Keeping busy

I’ve not been writing for some time now. Honestly, I’ve kept silly busy over the last couple of weeks. Good kind of busy mind you. Lots of work with the day job, clinic sees clients coming in at a higher rate each week, my martial arts training and trying to find some me time in between it all. It’s an exciting juggling exercise that I find I do enjoy.

I’ve always been a lazy sort of guy, so finding I enjoy this pressure and amount of work surprises me somewhat. Finding I do enjoy fixing things in the house, the way I like to have them, is also a slight surprise. Going through a lot of stuff here at the moment and finding that it is not only easy to do all of this work (not just the house) but I also have found an enjoyment in it all I haven’t had in a very long time.

So, apologies to all, I’ve just been taking time for me recently. Time I well needed and felt I deserved.

I guess the biggest enjoyment has been in keeping going, moving to a brighter future and the smiles it has brought. Three key ingredients.

It has been great finding all the smiles and laughs along the way, the buzz from helping a client, making progress on the projects at work, seeing my fitness level coming up at training, noticing progress with everything, really, that I have focused on recently has been absolutely fantastic.

Now, as to this blog, it will find competition over the next few weeks with another website that is also launching soon. A friend is starting something, what exactly will be revealed soon to those who not already know. I will however make some time to write things here too. It means I’ll have presence on 3 blogs, a couple of forums I will moderate etc. so getting even more busy! All in a good way too and I’m looking forward to it!

Keep going and keep smiling folks!

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