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Upwards and onwards

Wow, what a roller coaster ride the last few months have been. Never the less, if I look to the future it appears I shall be no less busy and having not much less change in the near term. Lots of things happening, some divulged already, some still to be noted and then some that just don’t belong here (or anywhere public for that matter) …

Looking towards holding a presentation on Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis for a set of therapists, which will be really fun to do. Quite different to what I’ve done before, so will be an interesting challenge.

My Martial Arts training is moving along with seminars coming up as well as progressing along with my own training. Lots of interesting things coming up there too! Always something to improve upon and figure out. Always new things to discover and there’s always one more mind blowing experience to grab on to with both hands.

Getting the house in order also feels really good. Unbelievable how empty it felt those few weeks ago. Now? Not at all! Now I’ve made it mine and I continue to change things here and there, fixing this and fixing that. Feels really good at this stage. Always something to improve there too!

At the moment I’m saving up for a trip back to Sweden. If I can afford it there’s also a wedding coming up in August in Poland which I’d love to attend. (Hey there Mac and Liz!) Would be great to see my family back home right now and experience that hot burning sun back home.

If I can scrape together the money I need, I would most definitely go to Tokyo for a week as well. That would be a real highlight of the year. Not that there hasn’t been a number of highlights already, but that one would be fairly big for me anyway.

I will also be writing and helping to moderate things on a website that is about to launch. Where does all my time go? I keep way too busy, but I do enjoy it. There will be mentions here once things gets closer to the launch of that as well!

There’s more news as well, but hey, those who wait for something good never wait too long!

In other words, keeping going! Upwards and onwards folks!

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