About? Sure you really want to know? Ah well then, go on …

I’m a Swede, living in Dublin, Ireland, for a good few years now. Well, more than ten years actually. Not a few by any measure. Been working in IT for a lot of years by now. Train Martial Arts. Ride my wonderful motorcycle when I can.

I’ve also started up my own Hypnotherapy clinic which I’m running from our home in Adamstown. I have a Practitioners Diploma from IHA, the Irish Hypnotherapy Association. So, I’m fully Certified and also Registered with them. Any questions about bookings, what Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy really is, do feel free to just ask! I am working on getting a specific website setup for the clinic at the moment.

On this blog I’ll be posting about anything under the sky, as this is really my personal blog. Expect the unexpected.

You can always email me on me@andersholm.me

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  1. Nitin

    Pretty impressed by the content. Used to be practising what is considered ninjutsu here in India. The art os not much known or does snot have the spread to reach out to people. Anyways, my practice is stopped now with a hectic, meaningless, moronic work schedule in marketing of medicines. Lots of traveling within the country.
    Wud love to be on touch.

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