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Well, it’s been a while. Ah, surely, only a slight understatement?

What has been going on then? Quite a lot! More than I’d care to remember, but enough to keep me more than busy, to say the least. However, the one overriding thing that did happen is that I got married. Met, fell in love, and married a wonderful woman from Croatia. I just couldn’t wipe that silly grin off my face for the whole day. We had, not just a wonderful but, a fantastic day. To all those who were there, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

What else? Ah, yes, got a new car. A gorgeous Jaguar XF Sportbrake, which seems hellbent on breaking down on me. Not really much point in replacing the old car then was it? Sigh.

Other then that, this blog may well turn into more of something centred around what I am doing at my day job. That and, well, probably a few bits around something I am working on outside of work.

At the moment, I am mostly focusing on clearing out old stuff in my life. Things that no longer holds value, or simply have gathered dust in the house, or in my head. Lots of clearing out, indeed! Kids, meditation is a good thing. If you don’t think so, you haven’t really tried it. It isn’t an instant thing, a little practice will go a long way.

All this “instant gratification” however, really needs to come to an end. It has caused myself a number of “hiccups” and I can see it all around me as well. It really isn’t a healthy trend.

Now, having been sufficiently vague and murky in what I have written, I shall once again leave you to your own devices. However, it is getting time to dust off the cobwebs here too, this is merely a note telling you to duck before it begins.

Look after yourself.

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