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Life through Death

I have pondered for a very long time how to put these thoughts into words, and make them understandable in some way. I may still fail miserably here, but I will now simply embrace that failure instead of continuing to put it off. You’ll be the judge how I succeeded in my goal.

What can you truly learn from Death? Well, the simple answer is, the value of Life. But is it really that simple? How can you learn anything from Death? How can there be anything good coming from such a place? (Has he gone insane now, finally?)

Well, first, it is one thing to study how to put someone through that experience. How to take someones life. Part of that study is also being the one that “gets killed”. One may do such studies through the training of a martial art, for instance. However, it is also a huge leap from “oh, that’d be really shitty to be the end of that” to actually being there. For Buyu, a feeling I find would be an emptiness, a stillness, a hole momentarily opening and then closing, like an echo fading.

The lesson lies in loss.

Death is nothing. Nothing absolute. It has no return. It has no echo. Senses nothing. Feels nothing. An abyss. A black hole.

Life however is everything. Everything absolute. It is cyclical. It not only echoes, it reverberates through everything, everywhere. Senses everything. Feels everything. A stormy sea. A calm lake. Wind in the trees. Laughter from a child. Wrinkles on a face. Soaring in the sky and over the mountains.

Life, the most precious resource, until its time has run its course, and the last grain of sand has settled.

Death itself teaches you nothing, and Life teaches you All.

That feeling of emptiness, the momentary hole, the rift in your very existence? It can only teach you because you are still alive. And for a Martial Artist, it is the reminder… Reminder of what is…. What could be… What may be and what finally will be, in the end. More importantly though, a reminder of what is important. Life.

Don’t waste yours.

Live it like this day is your last.

Live it like this day is your first.

Be Alive.

Don’t let unimportant things hold you back. Stop your petty bickering. Don’t envy those who have more gadgets, a nicer car, a bigger house. You have what is most precious still.

What Death shows is that in Life, you have your friends, your family, you.

In truth, what else can you really ask for? Is there anything greater?

Loved ones.


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