For a friend

In life, things will come and go, just like the ebb and flow of the sea. You will see good times, you will see bad times. But in all of those, carry with you the good parts, the things that made you smile, the reason you loved, the sweet caress, all those things we all crave as human beings. Remember them.

Forget the hard feelings, the feeling of reject, the emotions involved when someone leaves. But remember the lessons you learned all the same! The lessons are the positive things to keep from the bad times, from the hardships, from the tears.

Being left “behind” might actually be to be freed from something that wasn’t meant to be, and instead leaves you free, free to roam, free to find that loving feeling again, but more importantly, freeing your own soul to be what it needs to be.

Your own emotions and your own feelings may trick you, drag you back in time. My advise to you is not to see the wounds you feel, but instead you’re preparing new ground for something better to grow from. It isn’t blood you’re spilling, but the tears fertilize the soil. Mend your soul, grow stronger from the experience, and look to the future instead of looking back. What was there is now behind you. Raise your head and let the sunshine caress your face. Look forward, look up, look ahead. Find the joy in each day, find a smile and you will find that hand to hold, that one kiss.

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn.

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