New Year, New Me

Someone came up with the phrase “the only constant is change”. Constant change. Easily describes 2012 for me, with some of the highest peaks and absolute lows in my life. Swinging from one end to the other. Free falling and then being lifted up yet again. It’s not the New Year that mas made me a different person to who I was this time last year. It’s been all the people along the way. Close friends. New friends. From near and from far far away. Without them, I certainly would not be where I am today. For that, my gratitude you have. You know for what and why already.

2012 was the year I passed my Shodan. My memory of the event is more than vague. The scars on my knuckles reminded me for a fair amount of time after. So did the ringing in the ears, which could be why I don’t remember much! One of my proudest moments in my life and a definite high light that I will always have with me.

2012 was also one of the hardest years in my life. One of my absolute biggest fears came to be. I lost my son to what I can only call stupidity. Living in a small place there isn’t much for teenagers to do. Reach a certain age and you’re invincible, nothing you do can touch you. At least, that is what I thought when I was 16. I don’t know why, but Stefan (my son) and a friend of his decided it’d be fun to ride on the hood of a car. They managed about 300 meters, with Stefan up front on the hood, before the engine coughed. Kids, wearing seat belts is a smart thing and there’s none on the hood of a car. Those of us left behind will have to live with that decision, with the knowledge we won’t see his smile or hear his laughter again. I am still processing that event, but what has helped me has been some very special people in my life and my training. (Re-reading this paragraph, I painfully also realise that none of my words here are even remotely adequately describing what I feel, the event, or anything else.)

This New Year is showing me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. New challenges are already approaching. New experiences. I have regrets and I have hopes. My biggest hope is that some of my regrets can be resolved. I have a daughter who is very precious to me. My hope is that we can grow closer this year. We haven’t seen as much of each other as either of us have wanted. Something I hope both of us can work on.

An opportunity for a project outside of my normal work has also presented itself. Both interesting and with a potential for big rewards. Nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say.

As well, those of you I have on various social networks have also noticed, I am starting to post more about my Hypnotherapy clinic. I fully intend to work a lot more on that side of my life as well. More hopes here, goals forming, ideas springing up. Much to look forward to.

Getting contact with long lost friends has also been a big highlight for me. Friends here in Ireland will also see a few new things happening in the very near future!

I cannot speak of last year and what this year holds without also saying, to one person in particular, ready when you are. I have a place reserved for you when you want it.

2013 holds loads of promises. I fully intend to chase them all down, smiling. Keep your head up folks and don’t let your past stand in the way of your future. Live, today.

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