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Journey of life

We all have our own journey, our own path that we walk, our own choices and decisions to make. Some decide to stay with what they know, being in their comfort zone, walking on the same trodden flagstones, adding to the grooves of deteriorating material. What happens when the flagstone is worn through? Do they lay new flagstone and keep going as before? Will they step around the broken pieces briefly to return quickly again? Or, will someone break a new path?

Bored with what is happening in your life? Finding every day life a struggle? Have you stepped off the flagstone recently? What did you find, pray tell?

Seriously, if you feel your life has become filled with moth balls and cob webs, maybe it is time to find the edge where your comfort zone ends? Perhaps, it is time to change something?

I’m finding a lot of people telling me “I can’t do that!”, “But I am scared of this thing!”, “But what if?” …. My reply to those tends to be starting with “Yes?” followed by a “Are you sure?” …

Let me start with “What If?” … How often has a “what if” turned out to be true, positive or negative? For you? How many? Have you even been able to change the outcome of this hovering stinking cloud that lingered in the back of your head? Because, whether you envisioned a negative or a positive “what if” cloud, it would always have carried a stench with it, the “but what if it doesn’t?”, in essence, another “what if” …

Skip the “what if” moments in your life. You will worry less. You will have less stress. You will have better sleep. You will have better confidence. You will smile more. You will be happier.

Instead, find what you want and say “I can, I will, I shall” to yourself. Rinse and repeat, take a step closer to the goal. Rinse and repeat.

Being scared of something or other is something we all have in common. We are all scared of something. It may be to different degrees. It may be of different things. But, we all have something we fear. It is finding the fear, understanding it, seeing it for what it is, what effects it has, what power it holds over you, what it denies you and possibly what it enables you to do. Yes, a fear most certainly can enable you to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Fear doesn’t always cripple, even though that is how it is perceived. Fear can allow super human feats to be achieved. Consider stories of people who have lifted cars to save someone under it. Without the fear of their lives, would they have been able to achieve this?

Understanding your fears is the first step to managing it. Once you manage it and can handle the fear, you know when you can avoid it being triggered. You can have it triggered on purpose. In other words, you can then control it. When you can control it, will you be carrying a fear or a tool at your disposal?

On to the “I can’t”. If you say so. Must be true, you know yourself better than anyone else. If you know yourself that well that you possibly cannot do something, then you most certainly will not do it. You have asserted as much. My question to you is, “but do you want to do it?”, which is a completely different proposition. If you do, you need to start telling yourself “I can, I will, I shall” …

Whatever your journey may be, those are likely to be your first bits of resistance. Your first walls, preventing you from going where you want to go. Blocking your path. Funny thing is, all of them come from the one and the same source.


“I can, I will, I shall”. Wake up each day and say this to yourself. Before you go to bed. At a break at work.

Break Free. From yourself. From your preconceived notions. From the lies you have told yourself. Trust yourself, again.

Enjoy the ride.

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