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Earthquaking Tornado

I was today called “an earthquaking tornado”.

First thing you’ll think of is “destruction”. Let me address that particular item later on …

Next is “powerful” .. There are so many ways one can be powerful in. Did you ever consider, you can be powerful while being gentle? Some of the most powerful forces are the ones that are gentle. Wind and water to name a couple.

If one can be powerful enough in one way to generate both a similar and opposite, while equally, powerful force to be unleashed, one has both the potential to destroy, but also to build and create. (Bit of a mouthful that sentence. Think about it.)

Being called after not one, but two, major natural forces, both respected and feared by man and beast alike? Intriguing. Flattering? Sure. but, there’s so much more behind it, keep reading ..

I know, I’m quite chaotic, in a whole number of respects. My previous post caused a friend to call me “mind rapist”. I’m not entirely sure if people are trying to insult me or compliment me. Whatever the case may be, I find both quite interesting!

Now, to get to that “destructive” bit. Reason behind me being called “earthquaking tornado” is that I have indeed been destructive. How, what, why, none of your business. That is only to illustrate the background, and to show, chaotic isn’t all good. Nor are natural forces of those magnitudes.

However… Once those natural forces have passed, have they not paved the way for nature to reclaim the lands? Allowing nature to spring back up from the ground? Rejuvenating what was destroyed? Does not flowers spring from under the dust, once it has settled? Despite the destruction, or perhaps thanks to it, things are allowed to restart, rebuild, regrow, cleanse. Is that not the cycle of life? Death? Does not all things have an end? So, it must also have a beginning.

Destruction is only temporary. Heart wrenching. Possibly life threatening (depending on circumstance, etc. etc. usual disclaimers apply). BUT does not sunshine come after rain? Equally, does not rain come after sunshine? (I can keep spouting opposites, dualities, etc. but I think you got the gist, right?)

Everything happens for a reason, even if that reason may elude a reasoning mind. Perhaps, destruction happens so that flowers can grow again? Now, if that is what I have encouraged, I can only hope I have encouraged and initiated a change for the better.

Now, there’s weakness as well presented here .. Laid bare, for those that see. I cannot think of many other ways to get to grips with ones own weaknesses than displaying them, at least to ones self. (Quite aware this is public display, but hopefully, it may help others!)

I can only, and humbly, accept what others observe. All I can do from those observations is to try and take the positives from those very same observations and see what good I can make with them. If the good I can make has to come through being destructive, then so be it. If that allows growth to happen, strength to be found, inspiration to be better, or simply becoming humbler, then each result is a positive result. In that way, I have also completed a cycle. Both destroyer and creator. Yin and Yang. Thus, balance becomes restored.

I’m definitely sure of one thing, how tempting it might be.. I’ll never be as powerful as either of those two forces.. But I am humbled someone thinks I am, despite it coming about through unfortunate circumstances. All I can do here is, try to show how one can take something that may be regarded as being destructive, lethal, terrifying, and turning it on its own head to allow it to become productive, generous, creative, enriching.

I have planted the seeds. What grows is past my abilities to affect, or, is it? I can only hope new paths will emerge. New choices present themselves. Opportunities always exist, they just have to be seen and realised so they can be reaped.

I can only be humbled by the thought someone thinks I have powers such as those.

My question to you is, what in your life is destructive and how can you turn it around to be useful, for you, once again?

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