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Everything you do starts with the single grain that is a thought, planted firmly in your mind. Next comes a choice, a choice to grow it or to let it wither and die. A single thought that you decide if you should take action upon or leave well alone. Sometimes it should be left alone. Sometimes it is a distant dream. Sometimes it it something you’ll action, without hesitation. Though, sometimes it is that one thing you really should do. One thing you must do. One thing that you just cannot let wither and die.

All those things start out in exactly the same way, with one thought, one birth, one initial cry of the lungs, one smile, one crawl, one step, one look, one word, one kiss. Everything begins with one…

It’s a powerful thing, starting out a new journey, taking that one step, looking for your goal. Sometimes it comes naturally. Sometimes you will struggle to keep going. Sometimes, just sometimes, you really have to fight for it. It is easy to wonder, “will it be worth it?”… Well, will it? Only you can decide. But if you do decide to go for it, whatever “it” is, there is no reason for you to give up on it.

Keep going, towards your dreams. Pursue them to the end of your days, if necessary. Take that one step, every day, that gets you that one bit closer, even if it seems far away. Put your foot down on solid ground, going in the right direction, towards that one goal, that one dream.

Ichi is Japanese and means “One”. As a number it can mean many things, but it is always the beginning of something (as far as I have noticed anyway, I might be wrong…)… It is the seed that is planted. It is the beginning. You might say, one is single, a single thought, a single mind, single-minded …

Struggling? Finding it really hard to get to that goal of yours? Ready to give up? If that is the case, watch this. You might need a kleenex at hand.

Any time you are struggling, revisit that first thought. As you then make your choice, you then need to do two things, set your goal and act upon it. Thus, evolution begins.

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