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I’ve been thinking about this recently, as I’ve been seeing more and more things having what I can only describe as a “dual nature”, or “duality”, aspect to them. Something with a “dual nature” in this case is something which is also totally opposites to each other, but without becoming an oxymoron. Let me try to explain the differences here first…

And oxymoron is something where you have to things completely contradicting each other, to the point where they also exclude each other. When I speak of something having “duality” or “dual nature” it also contains these contradicting terms (or so one thinks initially) but they are not excluding each other. In actual fact, they are so far apart and contradicting to each other, they cannot exist without one another. That in itself is an excellent description of this aspect of “duality”.

Let me give you a few examples:

Light cannot exist without darkness, and vice versa! How do you know day light has arrived, if you are not able to see the darkness of the night? Consider someone who was born completely blind for example. Such a person wouldn’t know what daylight is, in itself. Yes, he or she may notice the sun touching on their skin, but what if it is a very cloudy day, the blinds are down, or they are in a room without windows?

Silence cannot exist without sound either, nor can sound exist without silence.

“Good” cannot exist without “evil”. What is good and what is evil?

Peace cannot exist without war.

Life cannot exist without death and death would never exist without life.

A straight road doesn’t just lead forwards, but also backwards. Same as a bend in the road goes both to the right and to the left at the same time. “Whatever goes up, must also come back down.”

So, what use is this duality thing then? Why, where and how can this be useful to understand? Lots of places, situations, thoughts and considerations one encounters in life, is my answer. Very deep, is it? Perhaps, perhaps not. Where it is helping me is when I learn something new. What is said? What is not said?

I find it very interesting when I see people berating each other on the Internet. It’s something that happens not just daily, but constantly, thanks to the “anonymity” and distance people believe they have between themselves and others. They get so tied into this one aspect they are arguing over, they completely miss any valid and possibly important points their “enemy” may present. Instead, I’m trying to add what I’ve recently posted about, while keeping an open mind to what is said, trying to not be judgemental about any statements made. Here is another place where this idea of “duality” may also fit in, as one can use it to be objective and “see the other side of the coin”. For instance, if there’s an argument over something, let people take their own idea, spin it around 180 degrees and have them look at things again. What will show up then? Will a solution to whatever problem being “discussed” suddenly appear? Will it make it easier for each party to take another step towards a good and achievable goal, or will they simply refuse and sit and pout like a 5 year old not getting their candy?

This thing of a “dual nature” can be quite useful, if you try to apply it. Don’t think about it too much, rather just flip things around and see what you find. I can guarantee you, you will be surprised sometimes.

There’s always two points of view, at least. Very much like everything is relative, even relativity as well as something as absolute as time.

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