Waiting for a phone call

Waiting is something I don’t do too well. It is something one does because one has to, not something one chooses to do. Sometimes though it can pay off to hold off things for a little while, allowing other things that are in motion to settle down before making any decisions. It is good to keep moving, but it may not always be good to be rushing.

One can find examples of this in all sorts of places in a normal day. For me, this became even more obvious this morning. Here’s the thing, I had a job offer from a company yesterday. I had also been waiting to hear from another company as well. Both jobs are something I’m both good at and I liked both companies. There was just something extra I found to my liking with this other place, the one I had waited to hear from, and I had waited longer on them than the company who had now offered me a position. So, I was now twisting and turning, wondering what was going on at the other place, as I had no feedback at all. Could be good, could be bad, one can’t really tell.

Sitting here at home then, having nothing much to do, this plays on ones emotions, probably more than anyone likes to admit. You then get up in the morning, still wondering “Should I take this offer? Will the other place offer me a position? What should I really do?”. Nerve wrecking, like as I said before, I liked both places.

While I then was checking my morning email, I was thinking “ah, let’s just go for what is on the table. It’ll be fine. The others haven’t said anything yet and I’ve waited for some time now…”

This is where things are getting tricky, and by now you can probably guess what is happening. As I am in the middle of accepting the offer I have, the phone rings …

Fantastic! Oh CRAP! I now have 2 job offers, offering similar packages etc. What the hell do I do now then? Gut feel is all I have left to go on, and to be honest, my gut feel has helped me before. I am simply going to go with the company I got the best feel from and that I feel suits me the best.

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  1. Big congrats!!! :)) Really happy for you!

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